Wills & Estates

Take care of your loved ones

Whether you’re young or old, healthy or frail, it is important to plan your estate to ensure that when the inevitable or completely unexpected happens, your possessions don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Life is full of surprises and you never know when your will or estate plan will be required, but it can save everything you’ve worked so hard for, from passing to anybody but your intended loved ones. There are so many scenarios which can affect you during your lifetime and beyond, which you may not have considered.

What our clients Say About Us!

  • Rod
    I was appointed Executor for friends, husband and wife. Unfortunately the wife was murdered and the husband committed suicide. There were complications as well relating to lost original Will and only a copy was available of their Wills. Beneficiaries were located all over the world. This was a very difficult matter for any lawyer to wade through all the issues but White Jordin assisted me every step of the way dealing with the police, obtaining probate, repairs and sale of the family home,  locating and dealing with beneficiaries  in three different countries (some of whom could not speak English). White Jordin were very organized and practical in dealing with a multitude of issues. They kept me informed at all times and resolved the matter with agreement from all the beneficiaries.