23 May 2018
buying an existing property

What You Should Consider Before Buying an Existing Property

Are you looking at purchasing an existing property that might have been renovated or had […]
23 May 2018
last will and testament

Writing a Will: What You Need to Know

Have you reviewed your Estate assets recently? We encourage our clients to make a Will […]
23 May 2018
Buy and Sell Homes Australia

Buying or Selling? New rules may apply!

Existing legislation assists with the collection of tax liabilities for foreign residents, and imposes an […]
11 July 2016
News - Injury Insurance Scheme

National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIIS)

National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIIS) From 1 July 2016 Queenslanders seriously injured in motor […]
11 July 2016
White Jordin Lawyers

Baden Clay High Court Appeal

The High Court has granted special leave to the Department of Public Prosecutions to appeal […]
11 July 2016
Injury Claims

Queensland’s Road Sharing Rules are Here to Stay

Road sharing rules introduced in Queensland as a trial are now here to stay Motorists […]
8 July 2016
National Injury Insurance Scheme | White Jordin Lawyers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been progressively taking effect in Queensland since January […]