Serious Injury Claims

What is a Serious Injury?

Serious injuries are injuries that have a significant and severe impact on a person’s life. They are injuries which cause catastrophic damage to the injured person, requiring extensive or life-long care and treatment. Some examples of serious injuries include:

Spinal injuries such as paraplegia, quadriplegia and tetraplegia
Brain injuries causing issues with your cognitive, physical or social functioning
Psychiatric injuries causing severe mental issues
Disfigurement from multiple injuries, severe burns, scarring and amputations
Birth defects or injuries caused during birth that have a serious impact on the child’s life
Multiple injuries i.e. fractures to limbs, internal injuries

How are serious injuries suffered?

Serious injuries can occur in many ways such as in motor vehicle accidents, at work, as a result of medical negligence, and in public places. Serious injuries occur in any place or circumstance that any other injury would occur, but differ from other injuries due to the severity of the impact the injuries have on your life.

What can I claim for a serious injury?

Every serious injury claim depends on the injuries you have suffered and how it has affected your life. The experienced team at White Jordin will carefully evaluate and investigate every aspect of your claim to ensure your individual needs are met. Damages that you may be entitled to claim for include:

Pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
Loss of income and superannuation in the past and the future
Past and future medical costs, treatment and pharmacy costs
Care provided to you by friends, family, nurses and carers in the past
Costs for support workers, respite and nursing that you may need in the future
Rehabilitation costs
Specialised equipment costs
Home and vehicle modification costs
Costs for managing your compensation funds

Why should I choose White Jordin to handle my serious injury claim?

At White Jordin we understand the significant impact a serious injury has on your life. We have the experience and understanding that it takes to handle serious injury claims, and are here to support you every step of the way.

The sooner you contact White Jordin Lawyers the better, as we may be able to negotiate with insurance companies to provide early rehabilitation for you and cover the costs of your family’s accommodation or other needs. We work hard on putting together your claim while you focus on rehabilitation so that once your injuries are stable we are prepared and ready to settle your claim.

Due to our experience we have the knowledge and expertise in putting together serious injury claims to make sure that all of your care, rehabilitation and other future needs are taken care of. We will always go the extra mile for you to ensure that every aspect of your individual lifetime needs are met.