No win no fee

What does NO WIN, NO FEE Really mean?

No Win, No Fee means that we will not charge you for our professional legal fees if we are not successful in settling your claim.

Before proceeding with your claim, we offer a free case review with you to listen to you and your situation and provide advice as to the likely success of a claim. We take the time to explain recommended legal action and whether it is in your best interest to proceed. We also take additional steps to investigate your claim before proceeding, at no charge to you. So if something has happened at work, on the road, in a public place, at a hospital or anywhere else, you can ring the friendly and experienced team at White Jordin Lawyers to discuss what has happened to you at no cost.

We welcome you to ring us to discuss your situation, or simply submit an enquiry below and we can give you a call.

NO WIN, NO FEE, No strings attached.

At White Jordin Lawyers we believe that everyone should have equal access to high quality legal services without the financial stress. This is why we offer our compensation legal services on a No Win, No Fee, No Strings Attached basis for our clients.

We offer a personalised service, so that the lawyer who begins your claim, stays with your claim the entire time until the end.

no win no fee

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What our clients Say About Us!

  • Mrs J’s story
    Mrs J had a cyst and ovary removed and unfortunately during the procedure her bowel was perforated. This was not discovered for over 4 days following the procedure, despite complaints of nausea and pain, and Mrs J suffering from tachycardia, abdominal swelling and swollen right groin. As a result of the delay in diagnosing the bowel perforation, Mrs J experienced multi-organ failure and spent approximately five months as an inpatient, which included a 3 month stay in ICU.  She required countless procedures during that period, including having a colostomy bag fitted, which she had for over 20 months. The reversal procedure involved a further one month hospitalisation, followed by other procedures to assist with closure and scarring. Mrs.J was left with multiple physical symptoms arising as a result of the peritonitis which were very debilitating, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Rosemary successfully negotiated rehabilitation services for Mrs.J whilst she was recovering from her injuries and multiple surgeries, which is unusual in a medical negligence claim.  Rosemary provided constant emotional support throughout Mrs J’s recovery, arranged private medical consultations where appropriate and referral to a Pain Management clinic. By listening to our client’s account of her symptoms, emotional strain and daily difficulties (and armed with many years’ experience in personal injuries and bowel injury) we were able to make appropriate suggestions and put in place solutions to assist her with her ongoing needs throughout the entire claim process. Multi-organ failure is a traumatic event, with devastating life-changing consequences. Injuries of this calibre require ongoing medical treatment, often by several different types of medical specialists. Extensive histories of medical treatment and symptoms were detailed in letters of instruction to experts and in the Statement of Loss and Damage. Many different expert reports were obtained to prove an exceptionally high whole person impairment. The matter settled a few weeks after the Compulsory Conference.
    Mrs J’s story
    Medical Negligence - Perforation
  • PD
    I cannot express in words how wonderful White Jordin have been to us.  A law suit can be nerve wracking and stressful, especially for one with no experience in the area.  After my accident, I didn’t know which end was up.  I was dealing with doctors, medical bills and over whelming emotions. Rosemary Swan, Maxene with their team walked me through the process and made it easy.  Rosemary answered all my questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend) and took time out of her day to come to my home, rather than making me come to her.  There are just too many excellent qualities to List! Rosemary has an amazing ability to reduce complex issues into simple concepts that I could understand. The White Jordin team are the best at what they do, honest and upfront from the start to the end, you will always know what is going on with your case. Thank you so much for putting me at ease from the beginning and keeping me informed and reassured through the entire process. The staff at White Jordin are friendly and courteous and everyone there is truly concerned and committed about giving you the best experience, from the waiting room to the conference room.  I am very grateful that I went with White Jordin. They made me feel very welcome with their friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable office.  They listened to my concerns and took a ton of stress of my shoulders.  I have found them to be extremely efficient and they were able to get the outcome that I deserved.  It was better than I hoped for. Though I was glad it was over, at the same time, I felt sad and lonely without Rosemary and Maxene’s friendly chats.  If life’s highs and lows call for legal help, please consider White Jordin, you will not be disappointed.  Thank you isn’t enough
    Personal Injuries Client
  • Lex K
    White Jordin’s staff were friendly and efficient. The nice, small-company feel always made me feel like I was a part of the process, not just a client. I was always kept informed, and someone was always available to talk with me and explain the process. I would recommend their services.”
    Lex K
    Personal Injuries Client
  • Roslyn L
    The services provided by White Jordin were excellent. I was constantly kept adequately informed during the claim process and in appropriate ways suitable for me, as I work night shifts the staff kindly sent emails or left a message on my home phone rather than calling frequently. I felt they were very committed, and I felt that I was a priority to them. I was very satisfied and very grateful for their hard work, and the good outcome of my claim due to their efforts.  I would definitely recommend White Jordin
    Roslyn L
    Personal Injuries Client
  • Marie D
    I can never thank the team at White Jordin enough for all the hard work they put into my case!  Rosemary Swan and Maxene were not only researching and preparing my case, but were also a friendly ear when it got me down.  Everyone worked to the highest level of professionalism, and I never had any fears or doubt in the team, or what they were achieving for us. They were excellent the whole way in explaining things to us.  If I called with any questions about my case and the team was busy, they always called back that day; they never made us feel that we were wasting their time, every call was treated as importantWhite Jordin Lawyers always kept me in the loop and they always had a great plan of action to overcome any hurdles.  This made us feel safe.  The outcome was better than we could have hoped for, and while we were happy it was all over, at the same time it was sad, as it felt like we were also saying good-bye to good friends. The great thing is, from time to time I still have contact with my team and they have made us feel they were not just in it for the outcome, but that they truly cared for me, and my family.  They did such a great job for us that we have told friends about them.  Thank you to all at White Jordin, not only for helping us win, but for all of your support after the case had finished.
    Marie D
    Personal Injuries Client
  • Linda S
    I can't thank Rosemary and the team at White Jordin enough for the outcome of our day in Court. They were our rock when things got tough, and no matter what the problem was they always made everything easier to deal with. I personally would recommend them to anyone needing assistance in this area and I was very impressed with their professionalism and compassion.”
    Linda S
    Personal Injuries Client
  • Hazel L
    We found White Jordin Lawyers to be very professional in every aspect of their dealings with us, and with third parties related to our case. We always felt thoroughly informed of both the details, and the progress of our case. White Jordin Lawyers explained every step that was taken, and was to be taken next. They were easily accessible via phone or email, and always answered any queries we had in a timely manner. We definitely felt that White Jordin were committed to us and to obtaining the best possible outcome for our family. They were very thorough in covering every possible aspect of our case. Thanks to their hard work we were very happy with the result of our case.
    Hazel L
    Personal Injuries Client
  • Caleb H.
    When all your time and energy is focused on your physical recovery, all of White Jordin's time and energy is focused towards ensuring everything else is taken care of. Their knowledge gained from personal experience. I wasn’t alone in what I was going through.
    Caleb H.
  • Jennifer T.
    We found White Jordin to be caring, considerate, respectful and understanding during our claim. The whole process was very well explained and there was excellent communication. White Jordin were totally committed and achieved the best possible result for us. We are extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend the firm to family, friends and colleagues.
    Jennifer T.
  • Rod
    I was appointed Executor for friends, husband and wife. Unfortunately the wife was murdered and the husband committed suicide. There were complications as well relating to lost original Will and only a copy was available of their Wills. Beneficiaries were located all over the world. This was a very difficult matter for any lawyer to wade through all the issues but White Jordin assisted me every step of the way dealing with the police, obtaining probate, repairs and sale of the family home,  locating and dealing with beneficiaries  in three different countries (some of whom could not speak English). White Jordin were very organized and practical in dealing with a multitude of issues. They kept me informed at all times and resolved the matter with agreement from all the beneficiaries.
  • Tony S
    Just want you to know how much Marjorie and I appreciate your wonderful advice and service as we managed our way through the fairly complicated process of finalising our purchase and sale when there were 4 parties and I think 3 solicitors, involved in making it happen smoothly. Also your responsiveness to our changing needs, particularly with the last minute need to settle earlier. Should you wish to use me as a reference for the quality of your service please feel free to do so. Thanks again Rose and Max. Very best wishes
    Tony S
  • Jim L.
    Jun and I would like to express our appreciation to your very professional services in assisting us to achieve a smooth settlement, we have started moving in and all services accounts have been set up. Thanks again for all your assistance.
    Jim L.
  • Hazel L.
    We have used White Jordin Lawyers for our last 2 property purchases. We have found them to be very professional, thorough, and easy to communicate with. They handled a tricky situation with ease and we came out ahead. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.
    Hazel L.