How do I select lawyers for an accident claim?

how do I select lawyers for an accident claim


Question: How do I select lawyers for an accident claim?

Most importantly you need to know how many years’ experience the lawyer has in dealing with personal injuries claim. Broadly speaking there are two issues, quantum and liability.

The lawyer needs to be able to assess the injury and how that injury impacts on your life. For example, will that injury stop you from returning to your pre-accident employment? Have you needed family to care for you after the accident and is that care ongoing? Do you need medical treatment and medication, is this ongoing? The lawyer you choose must investigate all these issues and obtain evidence to support your claims for damages in these various areas. They could be very substantial. (This is called the quantum aspect of your case) You want to make sure that all your heads of damages are claimed.

The second aspect is liability. If it is a car accident, the ability to investigate the accident, take photographs of the accident site, and obtain statements from witnesses and liaise with the police. I always pick up the phone and take the time to contact relevant witnesses rather than just relying on a police report if liability is an issue. In a small firm, one lawyer generally will look after your claim from the beginning to the end. I would utilise junior staff for jobs that can be done at a lower level but I would have complete control of the file and all investigations and the majority of contact with the client. In larger firms, some files are passed around various lawyers and you could end up being charged for new lawyers to review your file. This is an issue you would need to discuss with a larger firm if that is your choice when engaging them. More importantly you want to feel someone is looking after you and that your whole claim is being looked after properly and not make you feel like your claim is being factory processed.

White Jordin ensures you are looked after on that personal level and are there to support you through every step of your claim and will take all necessary steps to ensure a successful outcome.

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