Should I hire any lawyer for an accident case?

Should I hire any lawyer for an accident case


Question: Should I hire any lawyer for an accident case?

No, you must locate a lawyer with extensive experience in personal injuries law.

I would suggest a lawyer with a minimum of ten years hands on experience. This should have given a lawyer sufficient experience to handle a variety of claims. The Queensland Law Society has a referral list to direct you to lawyers with experience in different fields of personal injuries.

It is always important to understand the type of injury suffered as some special knowledge for example in spinal injury or brain injury is important to understand the needs of the injured person and to ensure all heads of damages are claimed not just now but for the future.

It is extremely important in a head injury case to understand the deficits suffered as a result of the head injury which could be cognitive deficits and personality changes, etc.

You should always ask a lawyer the fields they have worked in and the length of that experience in handling personal injuries claims.

Also ask if the solicitor you are speaking to will handle your claim from the beginning to its finalisation and ensure the file is not passed around the office.

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