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Our Specialty is in Injury Claims Compensation in All Areas

You can trust White Jordin Lawyers for all areas of compensation for accident and injury claims. We can help you determine whether your personal injury claim is valid and help you identify and pursue all the compensation you are entitled to. Our No Win No Fee policy means that we do all this at absolutely no cost to you.

If you have sustained injuries, whether in a workplace accident, car accident, medical mishap, or because of another party’s fault, you might have a personal injury claim that you can pursue and be entitled to substantial damages and compensation.

The compensation and damages you are entitled to is not only limited to personal injury, but also includes claims for psychological and psychiatric injury, such as exposure to trauma, instances of harassment and bullying, or secondary to physical injury.

Even if you somehow contributed to the accident happening or have been informed that you only sustained minor injuries and thus assume that it isn’t worth it to pursue your claim, your claim could still be worthwhile and one to be pursued.

You may also be entitled to Disability and Injury insurance payments that you may not actually know that are available to you because of the injury including Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Claims under your superannuation fund.

It is of great importance to avoid assessing your situation yourself. Failure to seek professional advice may result in you missing out on sizeable insurance and compensation payments. An expert in personal injury can help you determine within just several minutes whether you have a claim worth pursuing and what payments you might be entitled to.

You can Chat online or Call to speak to one of our Experts anytime or submit a Free Case Appraisal Form. It won’t cost you anything, there isn’t any obligation, and you can be sure of a 100 % confidential enquiry.

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A Complete Compensation Service with White Jordin Lawyers

We Fight for the Best Possible Outcome for You!

If you have sustained injuries and require compensation for the injuries, you will understandably want the best personal injury lawyers working on your case.
White Jordin Lawyers values justice, integrity, and fairness. We believe that everyone has the right to access the legal system and for their case to be heard.

We are a boutique law firm with a team of experienced lawyers who are genuine experts in the areas they practice. We offer personalised attention and care that’s only available at a boutique law firm with the expertise that can be expected from a major national law firm. Doing this will ensure that your claim is handled with the best possible care and expertise. When you are dealing with White Jordin Lawyers, you can always be sure that our aim will be to get the best results possible for you in all aspects of your matter.

The area in law of injury and accident compensation is highly specialised and highly regulated by legislation. If it is not complied with, it will result in you missing out on substantial compensation. Thus, it is critical to have the advice of professional personal injury lawyers capable of successfully navigating these complex processes and who have the experience required to assess your case properly and achieve the optimal claim result for you.

From the outset of your claim, White Jordin Lawyers will advise you in simple and clear terms how the personal injury claim process works, what is required to achieve the best possible outcome for the claim and how we fight for you to achieve that result.

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We Take the Financial Burden Out of Your Personal Injury Claims

White Jordin Lawyers will handle your claim for you on No Win No Fee terms without any upfront costs and personal loans involved. We cater for all the expenses associated with the case and only bill you at the end of the claim, once you have received the compensation and only if we manage to get your compensation. Simply put, if we fail to will you the compensation, you won’t have to pay us anything.

The No Win No Fee Service we offer is 100% Guaranteed.

Reducing the Stress Associated with the Claims Process

People without any experience of personal injury claims usually have concerns about the claim and court process being overly stressful. However, this is hardly ever the case. Most claims never actually go to Court, with about 98% of the personal injury claims actually settling through settlement negotiations. The claim process is actually designed specifically to encourage this and streamlines the process.

We can help reduce the stress associated with the claim process by explaining to you clearly from the outset how the case will run and what you should expect and will keep you informed throughout the duration of the case. Knowledge is quite empowering and having this understanding and knowledge from the outset helps to reduces your stress throughout the claim process.

If you are concerned that it is too inconvenient to bring a personal injury claim because you have a busy lifestyle, or work and home commitments, you shouldn’t be. Our focus is to ensure that the process is as convenient as possible for you. We can run your claim successfully using email, phone, and post, which means that you won’t even need to visit our offices while your case is underway, unless, of course, you wish to.

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Don’t Miss Out on Your Compensation Because Time Limits Apply!

Personal injury claims have strict applicable time limits, which is why you need to avoid any delays when it comes to investigating if you have a case to pursue. If you delay today, it could mean missing out on substantial compensation tomorrow.

All it will cost you is your time to find out.

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Is there something that has happened to you that was not your fault?

If you consult White Jordin Lawyers early on, this will ensure that the first step is taken properly and promptly, avoiding any hiccups!

Are You a Victim of Medical Negligence?

A health care provider such as a nurse, doctor, or hospital owes you a duty of care as a patient and are required to offer treatment to you at the proper standard of care.

You are entitled to make a claim for medical negligence in case:

A provider of health care such as a nurse, doctor, or hospital breaches their duty of care to you as their patient by offering treatment that’s below the standard of care; and You sustained injuries because the provider of health care breached that duty.

Are You a Victim of a Vehicle Accident?

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and have suffered a personal injury in Queensland due to the accident, you could be entitled to compensation under the Compulsory Third Party Scheme. The scheme covers accidents including: A passenger who is injured in an accident where the accident was caused by the driver of that vehicle or another vehicle’s driver; A pedestrian that’s hit by a vehicle; A passenger in an accident involving just one vehicle; and A cyclist or motorcyclist hit by a vehicle.

Serious Injury Claims

How Can You Sustain Serious Injuries?

You can sustain serious injuries in a variety of ways including motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, if you are a victim of medical negligence, and in public places. You can sustain serious injuries in any circumstance or place where any other injury may occur, but they differ from other injuries because of the severity of the impact the injuries have on your life.

Public Liability Accidents

Public liability accidents are those that occur in public places and result in you sustaining injury. If you want to make a public liability accident claim, there must be a duty of care that you are owed with respect to where the accident happened, a breach of that duty, and that you sustained damage due to that breach.

Death Dependency Claims

If you lose a loved one that supported you either financially or otherwise because of negligence, you can make a death dependency claim. The claim may arise due to numerous circumstances including medical negligence, a motor vehicle accident, or a public liability accident. A death dependency claim is made by the deceased person’s spouse, de-facto children, or other dependents.

The sorrow and grief that you feel after losing a loved one is usually an emotionally difficult time in your life. If you develop a psychiatric condition after witnessing the death of a loved one or the site of the accident shortly after the accident happened, you might be entitled to make a nervous shock compensation claim. A nervous shock compensation claim may also arise due to other circumstances, so ensure that you get in touch with White Jordin Lawyers to discuss your situation.