Tips for Settling a Car Accident Claim

tips for settling car accident claim

If you have been injured or your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, a damage or injury claim can get you the compensation you need to get you back on your feet. This article will describe the process needed to get the most from your settlement.

The aftermath of an accident can be a confusing time and with the rush of emotions (anger, guilt, frustration, etc.) it can be difficult to work out  the best way to proceed. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to say or do things that reduce the likelihood of a satisfactory accident claim.

To avoid any complications that may impact your ability to claim your rightful compensation, the following article will include some helpful pointers on getting the most from your claim.


The Scene of the Incident

The entire accident may have been the fault of the other driver, but you will not be dealing with the driver when settling your accident claim, so don’t get too worked up. You will be dealing with the CTP insurer that covers the driver’s vehicle.

In order to get the best results with the CTP insurer you will need to get ahold of some important information. This will need to happen at the scene of the accident so make sure that you have somewhere  to take some notes.

You will need:

–the other driver’s full name, address and contact details

-the other driver’s insurance provider (for property damage only)

-the names and contact information of witnesses to the accident

-the names and badge numbers of any police officers at  the scene


Photographic Evidence:

It is  also important to gather some photographic evidence that sheds light on the incident. The modern era has bestowed the majority of the population with mobile devices capable of taking photos. While you are at the scene be sure you take some shots of the following scenes.

–the locations of the vehicles in relation with each other and traffic direction. Take this shot from several angles.

– Any physical damage sustained on the vehicles where they impacted.

– License plate numbers of all vehicles


Dealing with the CTP insurer

There is no reason why your dealings with the other party/parties here will not be amicable and friendly, but remember that the CTP insurer’s goal is to give you as little cash as they possibly can. The best approach is the one in which you capture as much information as you possibly can.

The CTP insurer will have two primary ways to protect their own interests. First, they will try to get you to admit that the accident is entirely, or at least partially, your fault and you should therefore be given a minimal settlement.

The next ploy is even more tricky to combat. They will try to prove that you have not provided sufficient or proper evidence that supports your claims of loss. Often both of these techniques will be used in succession to wear away at your claim


Damages to Collect

The CTP insurerwill form their settlement offer from the information and damages you include in your case. If you have left something out, they will assume you are not interested in this compensation or losses. The CTP Insurer has nothing to do with property damage claims. They are only interested in your claim for damages for personal injuries. Make sure you include:

1. Pain, suffering (General Damages)
2. Loss of wages
3. Medical expenses
4. Loss of superannuation
5. Care provided by family and friend
6. Future care
7. Future medical expenses
8. Future loss of wages

In the end, the insurance company has no obligation to settle with you and will only do so if it is in their best interests to do so. They may respond to your accident claim with a meager settlement amount and finality in their statement. “This is the best we are going to offer! Take it or leave it or see you in court if you want anymore!”

Nevertheless, if they see you have a good case and proper documentation, they may not want to shoulder the expense of a court battle they may be  likely lose. It’s just not good for business.

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